Grade 1-7

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Foundation (Gr 1-3)

  • Home Language

  • First Additional Language

  • Mathematics

  • Life Skills

  • Computer Literacy


Feedback to parents about students' progress will be communicated to parents four times a year. In the event of any problems which may arise during the year, parents will be informed about it.

School Hours

Grade 1

07:25 to 13:15

Grade 2

07:25 to 13:15

Grade 3

07:25 to 13:15 (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays)

07:25 to 14:15 (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Intermediate & Senior (Gr 4-7)

To establish and promote regular study habits with our learners, a system of tests and examination are combined. A report will be issued at the end of each term. Reporting occurs after continuous assessment, as prescribed by the WCED.


  • Afrikaans Home Language or Afrikaans Additional Language

  • English Home Language or English Additional Language

  • Mathematics

  • Social Sciences

  • Science

  • Technology

  • Life Orientation

  • Creative Arts

  • Computer literacy


Grade 7 Additional subject
  • Economic Management Sciences

School Hours

Grade 4-7

07:25 to 14:15

Learning Plans as required and prescribed by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is followed. Curriculum CAPS


Assessment of Gr. 1 - 3 is continuously conducted by the teacher.

Gr. 4-7 have continuous assessments done by a preconceived plan - test series takes place during terms 1 & 3 and examinations during terms 2 and 4.


Street Address: Buitekant Street, Bredasdorp, 7280

Postal Address: P.O. Box 160, Bredasdorp, 7280


Banking Details:

Bredasdorp Primary, ABSA Bank, Nr: 1780143378

Type: Cheque, Code: 334412


Tel: +27(0)28 424 1334

Fax: +27(0)28 425 1112


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